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Roc du Maroc 2021

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General travel conditions

Undersigned bidder declares to have received the program of the aforementioned and taken note of all the Belgian terms of this travel contract as well as the general and special conditions of sale of the tour operator and travel agent, as listed in Annex to accept. The tenderer chooses to address the Belgian travel agent, in particular for the delivery of the travel confirmation and travel documents and enables him to his agent. The general travel conditions of the Travel Disputes Committee shall take precedence over all other thus conflicting conditions.

Read the general travel conditions

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We would like to ask you to transfer the advance of € 695 to the account of Jowi Reizen at the latest 5 days after your online registration.


If you already registered for the 2020 edition but you did not transfer the full amount yet, you can arrange this before May 31, 2021.

Balance for all in challenge category = 1755 €
Balance for all in race category = 1955 €

Bank details:

IBAN: BE54731032478197 * BIC: KREDBEBB
NOTICE: balance RDM 2021 + name

The advance cannot be recovered without a valid certificate. (See general travel conditions).
Cancellation must be reported to the organization by registered letter or email.

The insurance stated below covers the financial liability of the travel organizer / travel agent:
Flemish Solidarity Travel Money
Amlin Insurance insurance for financial insolvency
Amlin Europe NV
Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 37, 1030 Brussels